> The VELTIS® code of ethics is organized into three blocks: quality and integrity of the analysis process, independence and prevention of conflicts of interest, and lastly, responsibility towards investors and the public.


I.- Terms

II.- What are Real Estate Ratings?

III.- The discussions

  1. Quality and Integrity of the Analysis Process: Quality of the Analysis, Monitoring and Update Process, Integrity of the Analysis Process.
  2. Independence and Prevention and / or Management of Conflicts of Interest: Generalities, Procedures and Policies, Independence of Analysts and Employees
  3. Responsibilities towards investors and the public: Transparency and Punctuality of Dissemination of Risk Analysis, Treatment of Confidential Information, Judicial and Regulatory Authorities.
  4. Application and Dissemination of the Code of Conduct and Communication with Market Agents.

VELTIS Code of Conduct

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