Award of “European Smart Government Project” developing
the transparency part of the European real estate sector based on the real estate rating.

Signing of the agreement and creation of the first European master’s degree for training
of the first real estate risk analysts “Real Estate Risk®Manager”.

Semifinalists as one of the brightest companies
among about 4,000 submitted internationally.

Finalists selected from more than 200 companies among the 24
Emerging technology companies in Spain with more potential and greater added value.

Selected from more than 1,200 companies among the 58 that will advise and finance
for the launch of the company in 2021, being the only FinTech selected.

Selected as a FinTech of reference by the European regional development fund,
to advise and raise financing for the launch of the company in 2021.

Selected by the Shuttle of the Biscay Provincial Council, for advice,
capital raising and grants for the launch in 2021.

We received more than 200 requests for the Product-Driven Growth Program,
Congratulations on being one of the top 20!

Prestigious magazine at European level gives us the award
Most Pioneering PropTech Company 2020- Europa.

A financial reference magazine gives us the
Artificial Intelligence Awards 2020 award.VELTIS RATING is presented to the first Sandbox as a promoter for the recognition of the Real Estate Rating by the
Banco de España, National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) and General Directorate of Insurance, providing a solution
technology to banks and real estate operators, with the support of the CECA (association of savings banks),
REFINITIV (International Data Company), IZERTIS (International Technology Company) and
CEPREDE (Center for data prediction of the Autonomous University of Madrid).


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