The biggest investment that an individual makes is his home and the rating helps him not to take unexpected risks that can cause very important damages.

  • Unique information on the rating of your home, the more risks the worse the rating.
  • Know the valuation at risk, which determines the maximum value to pay for the home based on its associated risks (the more risks, the less it is worth).
  • Know the risks associated with the neighborhood and the home where you are going to buy.
  • Know the historical behavior of assets in a neighborhood.
  • If the home is affected by risks that may affect health.
  • If the home has any type of protection, condition or is out of order.
  • Level of endowments, service, communications and transport of the neighborhood.
  • Within the neighborhood, what is the quality of the house compared to the rest.
  • Identify neighborhoods and optimal investment housing based on the budget.
  • Global knowledge of the city, its neighborhoods and its homes according to their risks.
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