> VELTIS® considers that the rating committee is a strategic value together with the personalized service adapted to the needs that each client requires. Our objective is to make available to our clients a solid methodological and analytical knowledge in Analysis and Management of Real Estate Risks, one of the best conceived, elaborated and qualified in the sector. The proven trust and reliability of our analytical model are two values ??that always govern the relationships with each of our clients.

Our qualification committee is made up of top-level multidisciplinary professionals linked to the real estate sector, doctors and professors, coordinated by the first Doctor of Architecture and Engineer who has a doctorate in Real Estate Risks: Dr. Ricardo Antuña García, and in turn has the accreditation RISK © DOCTOR of the “EUROPEAN INSTITUTE OF REAL ESTATE RISK MANAGEMENT”.

The Real Estate Ratings will be determined by the rating committees and not by any analyst who has the individual RISK®Management professional accreditation. For the preparation of a Real Estate Rating, VELTIS will take into account all the available information known and considered relevant by the analyst and the rating committee about a real estate asset, including information received from a source other than the client that the analyst and The rating committee considers it reliable and potentially significant to a rating decision, so that it is generally consistent with the methodologies published by VELTIS. When formulating Real Estate Ratings, VELTIS will employ analysts who, individually or collectively (for rating committees), have the appropriate knowledge and experience to develop a rating opinion for the real estate asset under analysis. For this, VELTIS always requires that they have the RISK® Management professional accreditation issued by the “EUROPEAN INSTITUTE OF REAL ESTATE RISK MANAGEMENT” or by its joint programs taught at the “UNIVERSIDAD POLITÉCNICA DE MADRID”.

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