The use of rating adds value to operators in the sector. For many investors, asset portfolio managers, politicians or banks, the rating is a crucial element when making investment decisions, divestment, providing a loan or not, or improving a city or neighborhood. The rating provides globally comparable, reliable opinions on the risk assumed, providing important transparency to the process.

> Wider access to capital markets

The generalization of the use of the real estate rating will bring greater confidence to the markets and will contribute to effective asset management. In international capital markets, the rating is actually your business card, capable of providing you access to markets where investors may not be familiar with the specific casuistry of the real estate sector of a country or an autonomous community.

> Credibility

The credibility of providing a rating allows operators to have very detailed and transparent information, providing confidence to them. They also allow access to financing with a real estate guarantee in better conditions or to go to the capital markets providing greater confidence to them.

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