• To have a transparent real estate sector it is not enough to know the value, you have to know the rating, which determines the ability of an asset to generate profitability in a period of time.
  • Customizable terminal that provides control of real estate activity in a single technological management and control tool based on risk.
  • Have millions of data that provide information in real time, independent of the behavior of the sector and its assets.
  • Establish strategic expansion plans based on the risk profile to be assumed.
  • Provide more guarantee and confidence when obtaining financing.
  • Definition of the risk-free asset model and thus be able to generate an algorithm that is capable of analyzing deviations with respect to the model.
  • Design of stress scenarios and generation of control algorithms.
  • Savings in personnel and operating expenses and for possible investments in high-risk assets or developments.
  • Free team training to be able to obtain the best Performance from the Terminal ®.
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